The Ultimate Guide for Moving to Bali

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Do YOU Want to Move to Bali?
Loads of people are making the move and finding paradise in their new Bali life. Australians, Americans and Europeans are escaping the rat race and insane cost of living at home and moving to Bali in record numbers.
In Bali, you can live and eat like a king or queen, all for less than the average high schooler makes working at McDonalds in your home town. Of course, it only sweetens the deal that you’re on a tropical island where life is laid back and relaxed. Who wouldn’t want to just pack up and move there?
Before making the move though, there are a lot of things that you need to know.
Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of visa will I need to get?
  • How will I make money once I get there?
  • How will I get my stuff there?
  • How will I find a place to live?
  • Where will I find staff for my new home?
  • How will I handle my finances and taxes while living overseas?
  • What kind of internet options are available in Bali?
  • Can I buy a vehicle or do I have to rent one?

If you answered “I don’t know” to ANY of those questions then you need read The Ultimate Guide for Moving to Bali.
My name is Steve Carrole and I have been living in Bali for five years now. In those five years I have taken the time to learn this island inside and out. I speak fluent Indonesian and Balinese and have gone through the process of helping people to move over to Bali at least a hundred times now. I love this island so much, I simply enjoy helping people to get over here and create an amazing new life for themselves too.
I wrote this book after spending countless hours advising people on how to move to Bali successfully. Finally, I decided to put all of my advice down in an easy to digest form that should answer 99% of the questions people might have about moving to Bali.
7 Days to a NEW Life in Bali
After helping so many people make the move successfully, I have learned the most efficient ways to relocate to Bali as quickly and easily as possible. I have used this experience to create a system, that will help you step off the plane and be in a new house with everything for your new life taken care of in just seven days.
In seven days, just one week after stepping off the plane in Bali, you can be all set up and hit the ground running with your new tropical lifestyle. Imagine just one week from now you could be sitting in your luxurious Balinese villa or home, enjoying beautiful sunsets and learning about one of the world’s most mysterious cultures.
Armed with the right information, creating a new lifestyle in Bali is easier than you’ve ever imagined. I am delighted to know that I can help you to get here.
See you soon in Bali, Steve


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