The Expat Family Guide to Living in Bali

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Thinking of moving to Bali with you family? So you have been to Bali a couple of times on holiday and now thinking you want to move there for a year or more. It is often said that living in Bali is completely different from staying there on a short holiday. So what exactly is different and how can I prepare for the move? I wrote “The Expat Family Guide to Living in Bali” to help prepare families for the big move and settle into their new life. The book covers all of the essential information you will need, such as choosing a school, finding accommodation, looking for work, cost of living and getting the right visa. Get advice also from other expats who have already made the move. I write about some of the negative aspects also, including common scams, to help protect your family. Arm yourself with the latest information on living in Bali and start packing your bags today!


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