Planning a Trip to Bali for Dummies: Complete Guide to a 9 Days Journey that is economical and luxurious

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We all want to travel across the world. But we have our constraints- they may be financial, they may be operational. Bali is one of the most sought after destinations. Most of the stuff available online regarding trip to Bali fail to highlight minute details that look insignificant. Truth is- these details are not insignificant. No blog, no article on internet had forewarned us about what we really experienced during our trip to Bali. There exists a void regarding such information. Current book is an attempt to fill this void. This book provides a traveler all the information necessary to ensure a safe, luxurious and economical trip across various destinations in Bali. The information is provided in the form of a real story so that the reader is able to relate information to his journey.


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