Common Ground: Discovering God’s Redemption in Your Marriage

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Too often, a couple hoping to strengthen or refresh their marriage is given this advice – work at it more diligently or show more faith. While this may help for a little bit, it doesn’t typically result in deep and lasting change. Over his 20-year career in marital counseling, Dr. Gordon Bals has met hundreds of couples who were tired or confused by the notion of simply working harder to improve the relationship. Instead, Gordon helps couples recognize and resist the subtle work of evil in their marriage, and shows them how to move toward the Lord in a way that brings real togetherness. In this book, you’ll find refreshing news about how the two of you can build Common Ground. That wisdom is found in Scripture, and Dr. Bals uses it to help you to find a path that leads to togetherness — with each other, and with God.


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