Bali Travel Guide: Secrets of Bali (Enjoy The luxury in Bali) (Volume 1)

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Bali is beautiful place in Indonesia. A highly romantic gateway to escape with your loved ones. Enjoy the breathtaking beaches in Bali, have a spa massages, water sports and Bali is one of the few places in the world where an ancient civilization still thrives in the modern world. And the island has so much to offer: ancient temples, elaborate ritual celebrations, spellbinding music and dances, exquisite art and crafts, gorgeous beaches, busy markets, delicious food, and much more! This Book Includes: Chapter 1: About Bali Etiquette Tips for Travelers in Bali Chapter 2: Must Visit Temples in Bali Temples to visit in Bali Chapter 3: Must visit beaches in Bali Best Beaches to visit in Bali Padang-Padang Beach Chapter 4: Bali Festivals And Arts Bali Spirit Festival Writers Festival Bali Kite Festival Festival in Bali Ramadan Other important festivals in Bali Chapter 5: Best Nightclubs in Bali Townhouse 50 Red Carpet Charlie Mantra KU DE TA Mint Potato Head Chapter 6: Other Things To Do In Bali


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